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Classic KritterKuffs™: Paw Prints  — Keep your sleeves up

Bathing your pet is often difficult enough, without adding wet sleeves to the mix. Use KritterKuffs™ to keep your sleeves up and away from the soap and water.

Whether you're bathing your dog, cat, or other pet you'll find KritterKuffs to be a great way to protect your sleeves from getting soaked.

dog washing Product features include:
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Elastic provides just the right snug fit
  • 100% cotton fabric — machine washable
  • Manufactured in the USA — with imported materials
  • 30-day satisfaction guarante
KritterKuffs make a great gift!
Order now while supplies last. Quantities are limited.

KritterKuffs™ Paw Prints - Brown
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“After I bought a set of these I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't just use these for dish washing. I used them to wash the dog, wash the car and have a second set for the garden. I love my KitchenKuffs!
Donna S.
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