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About Us

How we got started:
KitchenKuffs® were developed as a solution to a common problem… long sleeves getting in the way while doing dishes, preparing foods, bathing the dog, even when gardening.

After making numerous versions of KitchenKuffs for myself I felt I was on to something. So, I started making sets to share with friends and family. I was anxious to find out what others thought and to find out whether they would work as well for them as they did for me. The feedback was excellent and the encouragement to continue strong. KitchenKuffs were brought to market for the first time in 2008.

Initial acceptance of KitchenKuffs® by new customers was really encouraging. However, as the year (2009) started to unfold, the reality of the recession and overall economy spoke loudly. I understand the hard times people were (and still are) going through, and have experienced the downturn firsthand. While people loved the idea of KitchenKuffs, and the fact they are manufactured here in the USA, the price was a concern. So, utilizing an amazing network of family, friends, and new acquaintances I located alternate resources for creating KitchenKuffs. The result of which are the products available on this site today. And I'm proud to say that all products sold from this site continue to be manufactured here in the USA. However, as the business continues to grow we are talking with companies about licensing and additional distribution opportunities. You should know that products from these alternate sources may be manufactured overseas. However, rest assured that whatever you buy from this site is manufactured here in the USA.

Customers also suggested alternate fabric patterns, and made requests for additional sizes. The additional sizes and the adjustable KitchenKuffs were developed with these suggestions in mind. Additionally we are presently offering a line KritterKuffs™, for pet lovers, featuring a paw print pattern.

KitchenKuffs are a practical accessory for anyone working around the house or in a job where their sleeves can get in the way. The Kuffs also make a great hostess or holiday gift and are the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person who already "has everything". KitchenKuffs and KritterKuffs provide a good value.

Customer feedback is very important, and hopefully you've seen that we are listening. When possible we will continue using your feedback to enhance the product(s) and provide more of what you are looking for.

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